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1 day ago
I just purposely let a spider bite me.. hoping that I could become a spider man.
1 day ago
When we talk and you notice that I’m not looking to your eyes. That might be because I like you or there are something else indescribable.
2 days ago
"I look for you in everyone."

— Six Word Story #16 by absentions (via absentions)

2 days ago
Track Title: Heartsing (2011) [www.RnB4U.in]

Artist: Jackie Boyz

Album: RnB4U.in Presents - Best Of June (2011)

Plays: 789 plays


Jackie Boyz | Heartsing

3 weeks ago
Why haven’t I given up on her..

been >2 years

3 weeks ago
I won’t let goo & I will never let go


3 weeks ago


Real nigga